as an animal rights/world conservation show we have covered topics from over 40 countries but have often been asked to elaborate more on what is happening in Asia. We have created this page to help you find interviews/shows we've done that deal with topics in Asia. This site is by no means complete nor does it claim to know something others don't. Many great, courageous, passionate people have spoken to us about issues in Asia and we are delighted to share what we have recorded with you.

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Saturday, September 1, 2012


November 12th 2013 Guardians of the voiceless - helping stray animals in India

February 12th 2012 - Looking after a monkey in India

September 14th 2011 - Stray dogs in India


March 29th 2012 - The ongoing battle to save the last tigers

October 18th 2010 - Tiger Temple Update


September 11th 2013 Helping animals at Surabaya Zoo

April 30th 2013 Helping Seaturtles in Indonesia

September 19th 2012 Highlighting the plight of the Bali Dogs

May 24th 2012 Orangutans - a species under threat


October 3rd 2012 Animal Rights Club Nepal re Dashain festival

November 7th 2010 Helping street dogs in Nepal

May 23rd 2010 Animal Welfare Network Nepal

January 27th 2010 Elephant sanctuary in Nepal


July 30th 2010 - Bear Bile Farming in Korea


March 17th 2011 Orangutans in need


August 30th 2011 - Canine Life Support


Often described as the most notorious country with regards to animal cruelty, we have had the opportunity to talk to many people in China and/or about China and also found many great people and organisations there who do a lot for animals:

January 22nd 2013 The Alliance for Hong Kong Animal Police is asking for YOUR help

October 16th 2012 - Fighting Bear Bile Farming - in conversation with Animals Asia's Jill Robinson

September 13th 2012 - Cats Rescued from slaughter

June 24th 2012 - Animal friendly alliance

May 31st 2012 - Of shark fins and manta gills

May 2nd 2012 - Think adoption (Shanghai)

April 26th 2012 - Harbin dog height restriction follow-up interview 

April 25th 2012 - Harbin eyewitness report

March 12th 2012 - Chinese animal rights activism

August 9th 2011 - Heroes for life, in conversation with Michael Zhao


October 16th 2012 Fighting Bear Bile Farming - in conversation with Animals' Asia's Jill Robinson

Animal rights and welfare are up and coming in Vietnam. WILD TIME talked to a grassroots group:

April 2nd 2012 - Rescuing animals in Vietnam


In the news for dolphin killings in Taiji, earthquakes and tsunamis, we have often talked to amazing activists from Japan and elsewhere about Japan and the events there.

July 22nd 2013 The beggar cats of Niigata

September 28th 2012 Filming in Taiji

August 9th 2012 - Japan Dolphins Day feature two-parter

April 9th 2012 - Fukushima revisited

February 17th 2012 - When East meets West

September 7th 2011 - Salt Water Tears, in conversation with Len Varley

September 5th 2011 - Taiji Eyewitness Report

July 25th 2011 - Nicole McLachlan follow - up interview

July 19th 2011 - Last chance for animals - an update on Fukushima

April 9th 2011 - Dr. Masaru Emoto: The hidden messages in water

March 19th 2011 - Life in Japan after the quake

January 14th 2011 In conversation with Cove Guardian Nicole McLachlan

December 8th 2009 The dolphins of Taiji. In conversation with Steven Thompson


Although understandably viewed as an islamic country (which it is) and placed within the middle east, it actually lies in Western Asia and, therefore, has a place on this blog.

May 20th 2012 VAFA, animal shelter